Libbi and Angus


This little angel is Libbi, owned by Lori and Tyler Eustis of Brooktondale, New York. Here, she is just 3.5 weeks old at her breeders home. Isn't she just adorable? Libbi was the first dog for Lori and Tyler. She was born in May of 1996.




Here is Lori, Tyler and a very grown up Libbi. This picture was taken at Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks. Isn't Libbi beautiful? Lori says that Libbi competes in agility and just loves it. We know it must be a graceful sight to watch her compete. Another favorite activity for Libbi is being a big sister to their newest addition to the household, Angus. She also loves playing with latex toys with a big squeak. She often chews the squeaker. out. Lori says that they still have a latex ladybug from when she was a pup that she still plays with, so needless to say, she isn't a destructive chewer. Lori says she gets mistaken for Petey of the little Rascals or Chance from Homeward Bound (depending on the age of the person) at least once a day.


Libbi is currently competing in both AKC and NADAC agility trials, and they are going to be entering the agility trials at the 1999 ABC next year.


Here is another picture of Libbi that is just beautiful. She's quite lovely, don't you think?

And we think the pics of her agility performance are wonderful. She is so graceful and talented Lori and Tyler! We'd love to see her compete. Next year at the ABC, many of us will be able to watch her...:o).



Awww, look here. This is Tyler, Libbi, and the newest member of the household, Angus. Aren't they adorable? :o)

Angus was adopted from a breeder in Pennsylvania and came home to Tyler, Lori and Libbi at 9 weeks old on June 20, 1998. Lori says that they have had an "interesting" few months with Angus.


Angus broke his leg at 15 weeks old, and was in a splint (well actually six of them), as you can see, for three weeks with absolutely no activity. He was in his crate for that time. Bless his little heart, we bet that was hard for Angus, not to mention Lori and Tyler. Lori says that he is healing well, and they are hoping that is abilities will not be hindered by the break.


This is a picture of little Angus at his breeder's home before he came to Lori and Tyler. What a little sweetie he is!

Lori says that Tyler is taking Angus to obedience class, which he is responding to quite well. They hope to do agility with Angus too, when he reaches maturity.



Awww, here's Angus relaxing with his dad. How cute! It looks like the splint didn't bother Angus too much at all. We know he will do fine in obedience and agility.

Lori tells us that Angus' favorite toys are anything stuffed and fuzzy (and a squeaker is nice too). He loves Libbi and especially loves biting her neck and snuggling with her. Hmmm, that sure sounds like a boxer thing to us........:o) Lori and Tyler tell us that Libbi and Angus are the biggest of buddies, and they love them as their matched bookends!


Lori and Tyler, thanks so much for sharing your white babies with all of us. They are so beautiful, and we will be looking forward to seeing all four of you at the ABC next year. :o)

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